panel upgrade

Carlsbad Panel Upgrades

A Carlsbad panel upgrade is exactly what it sounds like. It means replacing an existing panel with a new and better one. In your Carlsbad home you may find that you need more power than before and your current panel might not provide sufficient power. It could also be that you recently discovered you have […]

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Santee

The big grey box in your utility room or basement powers the electricity in your home. Without the electrical panel to distribute electric power around, your home cannot enjoy the efficiency of modern homes. Tough as this panel may seem, it is not invincible and when it is no longer serving you safely, an electrical […]

El Cajon Panel Upgrades

You’ve likely heard about panel upgrades more times than you can remember. If you are wondering whether or not you need one and what could be involved with an El Cajon panel upgrade, read on. An electric panel has many names, and terms used to describe it. You might hear any of these once it […]