Chula Vista Panel Upgrade in 2020

chula vista panel upgradeA panel upgrade is an electrical service where your existing panel is replaced with a new one carrying new circuit breakers. There are various reasons your home may need a Chula Vista panel upgrade and several benefits to be had from doing it.

Why your home may need a Chula Vista panel upgrade

If you have just bought a home or have an existing home, but you’re planning to include a hot tub sometime soon, it’s important to confirm from your electrician that your system can accommodate the new electrical need. A panel upgrade can become necessary for a home when;

  • You need more power and efficiency
  • You’re renovating or adding new appliances
  • Your home is an old home with an inefficient or outdated panel
  • Your panel is faulty
  • The panel trips often
  • Lights flicker and dim, especially when an appliance is turned on

What is the cost of a Chula Vista panel upgrade?

The costs for a panel upgrade may vary across contractors because of certain factors. These include the contractor’s labor rates, materials needed, repairs needed, size of panel, and so on.

The national average cost of a panel upgrade is $2500. The general range could be anywhere from $1000 – $4000. At a minimum, the costs should or can be $800 and a maximum of $4000. When it comes to replacing components, a circuit breaker switch replacement costs around $150-$250. The meter box replacement costs $500-$700. The main breaker costs $200-$300.

The benefits of a panel upgrade

Older homes with a faulty or old panel are not as efficient as modern homes or others with a proper electrical box. Upgrading your electrical panel gives your home the boost in functionality and efficiency it needs. An upgrade gives homes more power to work with and ensures safety from fires, electrocution, and so on.

What is the right size of panel for your home?

The electrical contractor will tell you the right size service needed for your home. If for example your home is 2000sqft and contains all necessary electrical appliances plus heating, then you would need a service with a minimum of 200 amps.

If you have the same 2000sqft home with gas appliances and heating, then a 60 amp service is sufficient.

What happens during a service upgrade?

Have a talk with your electrical first to know what to expect during the project. Here are some points to remember;

  • While working on the electrical panel, the electricians stay close to the site and may need to work at the water tank or water meter.
  • The power to your home will be out for at least 4 hours while work goes on. Protect appliances like your fridge and the items within by keeping the fridge door closed during that time.
  • Be sure to unplug all electrical appliances because the power will be switched on and off repetitively. Unplugging appliances prevent them from developing faults.
  • The electrician will be able to assist with obtaining any city permits for you.

It’s important to hire the right electrical contractor in Chula Vista for your panel upgrade. Call CLD Electric today.