Parking Lot Light Installation and Repair

empty parking lot with lightingApart from beautification purposes, lighting serves to ensure security and safety for homeowners, drivers, and pedestrians alike. Parking lot lights are outdoor lights that illuminate the parking lots, pedestrian walkways, roadways, or pathways.

Many business owners don’t pay attention to this, but if you run a business, then installing parking lot lights is vital.

Importance of Parking Lot Lights

  • Avoids the risk of wasting your money or time
  • Dark parking lots make it easy for criminals to gain access to the premises, leaving your customers vulnerable.
  • You could attract a lawsuit against your business if your customers trip and fall, are harmed by a criminal, or have their vehicle stolen because of the poor lighting.
  • Discourages attack by thieves or vandals who may target your property and cause you direct financial loss.
  • Lets your business appear richly equipped and gives a good impression to customers

Parking Lot Lights Installation

By now, it is glaring that you need to install parking lot lights. The majority of fixtures are usually mounted on elevated poles to light up a wider area. However, the installations depend on the location of the light fixtures.

For example, an area with shrubs or bushes will need more focus than a clear area, likewise other places that are darker.

Parking lot lighting should be comfortable and not too strenuous on the eyes. Different applications will take up different lighting standards; a residential or local parking lot may not have as much complexity to its lighting compared to a large shopping mall parking lot.

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what fits and what to purchase. Hence, it is important to let an experienced electrician take up the installation process and give your parking lot a facelift. CLD Electric has been carrying out parking lot light installation for years and will give you the best lighting standard and application. 

When Your Parking Lot Lights Malfunction

If your parking lot lights refuse to come on, it could simply be that the bulb is bad and you need a replacement, or there is some problem with the connections.

In any case, we strongly advise against doing any of it yourself. The Parking Lot Light bulbs differ from regular bulbs, usually LED or HID bulbs. HID bulbs can be risky to handle yourself because they contain gasses like mercury and argon. They also cannot be easily screwed in like regular bulbs; you would need to fit them to ballasts in the lamp. The ballast is an electrical piece that lets the lamp light up while simultaneously regulating the current flow.

Sometimes, it may be that the drivers have failed for LED lights. Capacitors may also overload and ballasts may be broken. Bad weather or bad installation processes could create some of these problems.

In any case, if your parking lot lights malfunction, call CLD electric and schedule an appointment with us. We handle both parking lot lights installation and repair.