Do I Have Enough Service Amps To Supply My Home?

100 amp service panelDo you have a home? Are you worried if the service amps in your home can regulate lights and power your appliances? Do you want to know what service amps are and the benefits? In this article, you would learn all the above and top tips to keep your home safe.

How To Calculate Your Electrical Load

When you know how to calculate your electrical needs, it is the right step in the right direction to find out if your service amps are enough or need an upgrade.

  • First, multiply the square footage of your living rooms by three watts to get the total lighting you need.
  • Then add 1500 watts for all your kitchen and laundry appliances. You can also check the volts capacity of each appliance.
  • Add the numbers of watts together.
  • Also, add the voltage of your central heating or air conditioning.
  • Now, finally divide by 230 to get the average amps your home needs.
  • Note that we can come in to help calculate the required amps your home needs.

Types Of Service Amps For Different Equipment

The type of amp service to use in your house is predominantly determined by the number of electrical appliances and gadgets you need to power regularly. Below are the types of amp services.

20-amp service: This is usually called a 110 volt, and it is the standard amp service most household electricity uses. You can identify different service amps by the holes of their plugs. A 110-volt plug has two rectangular holes, with the left one being slightly larger.

Note that it’s dangerous to plug in an appliance that is above 110- vault.

GFCI: This is a service amp type that can power large appliances. It is mostly used in large kitchens which have many appliances, such as microwaves and refrigerators.

220- volt service: It is a service amp of 240 volts, but the maximum voltage it can provide is 220. This is used to power large electrical equipment such as an air conditioner.

4- Wire Outlet: This is the largest outlet found in houses. They comprise 50-60 amp circuits used to power heavy appliances.

3 Possible Reasons Why You Need A Service Amps Upgrade

When you notice any of the following signs or do any of the following, you most likely need to upgrade the service amps in your home.

  1. You bought new appliances: Did you buy new appliances? There are high chances that you would need service amps to upgrade. Heavy gadgets such as air conditioners and refrigerators can increase the light load on your service amps.
  2. Your house is old Home: If your home is over 10 years, you need to consider upgrading your electrical capacity.
  3. Your light or appliances are tripping: Do you notice that your appliances or light trip when you turn them on? This can suggest that your household service amps are overloaded.

In conclusion, to ensure that your service amps are the right fit for your home, you need to know how many volts to service per time. You can reach out to us at CLD Electric for further questions and inquiries on panel upgrades.