Who Can Hang My Chandelier?

Getting a chandelier is one sure way to lighten up your home with color display and elegance. However, despite the illustrious glamour a chandelier gives to your living space, there is also the question of finding the right professional to hang one. This is, of course, because of the complexities associated with such a brilliant […]

Why Is My Dimmer Switch Hot?

Are you worried about hotness of your dimmer switch? Keep reading to find out what a dimmer means, the types of dimmer switch available, the dimmer, why your dimmer switch is hot, and precautions to consider. What Is A Dimmer Switch? A dimmer is a device that is connected to a light fixture to reduce […]

Parking Lot Light Installation and Repair

Apart from beautification purposes, lighting serves to ensure security and safety for homeowners, drivers, and pedestrians alike. Parking lot lights are outdoor lights that illuminate the parking lots, pedestrian walkways, roadways, or pathways. Many business owners don’t pay attention to this, but if you run a business, then installing parking lot lights is vital. Importance […]

Low Voltage Lighting Services

In this article, we explain low-voltage lighting, what they are used for, their benefits and how to get low-voltage lighting services. Low voltage lighting differs from energy-efficient lighting, and should not be mistaken for the latter. It was initially created for safe outdoor lighting purposes, but this has now progressed into indoor lighting too, with an LED driver […]