Electrical Panel Upgrades in Santee

electrical work in santeeThe big grey box in your utility room or basement powers the electricity in your home. Without the electrical panel to distribute electric power around, your home cannot enjoy the efficiency of modern homes. Tough as this panel may seem, it is not invincible and when it is no longer serving you safely, an electrical panel upgrade in Santee might become necessary. The good news is, this is easily done by a professional electrician.

How does it work?

Looking at your electrical panel, you find that the major power line from your utility company connects to it through the power meter outside the home. Within the panel are rows of switches that could be turned off and on. These switches are the circuit breakers distributing power to various parts of the home. They are sometimes doubled or tripled to provide adequate power for power demanding appliances in your home.

To help you or your electrician identify which switch powers what or how many amps a switch carries, there is a label on the panel door showing that and numbers on the switches that represent the amps. If the need comes up, there is also a main power switch that can shut off power to the panel.

With everything working fine and the switches on, your electrical panel in your Santee home will provide electric power safely. If situations like an overload happen, the circuit breaker protects you by tripping off. All you have to do if your panel is in good health is reset the breaker and turn it back on.

How do panels go bad?

The electrical panel can get worn out or develop faults overtime. In an older home of over 10 years, the panel has likely been working every day to meet up with various power demands. This can cause the panel to wear out and lose its efficiency. Sometimes, you might just have a defective or outdated panel that is both unsafe and unsuitable for modern homes.

Also, if you are adding a new and demanding appliance, renovating or remodeling, and seeking more power for your home, you might need an electrical panel upgrade in Santee.

Signs and symptoms that show you need an electrical panel upgrade

  • Frequent tripping
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Failing to trip at all
  • Crackling sounds from the electrical panel
  • You have a 60-100 amp service
  • Corrosion on the circuit breakers
  • The panel feels warm inside
  • Constant use of extension cords

Defective or outdated panels to look out for

An outdated or defective panel in Santee is most times bad news. They can be found in older homes and they are unsafe, and inefficient. Your professional electrician can help you determine if your panel is outdated. They can also help you obtain the correct electrical permits for the job.

Defective and outdated brands include;

  • Federal Pacific Electric electrical panel
  • Pushmatic electrical panel
  • Fuse boxes
  • Zinsco electrical panel

Replacing an electrical panel in Santee

After an inspection from your electrical contractor, the electrician will give you an estimate of the cost to upgrade your electrical panel. If only repairs will suffice, an experienced and licensed technician will tell you too.