How Much Does It Cost To Install A Ceiling Light Without Existing Wiring

Installing a ceiling light might seem easy enough, but no electrical work should be taken lightly or performed by inexperienced hands. Rather than DIY, choose the safer way by hiring an electrician to install a ceiling light. If you are wondering how much it may cost, look at the breakdown below.

Factors that influence light installation costs

The exact costs for installing a ceiling light without existing wiring largely depend on several factors.

  1. Type of ceiling lights

First is the type of ceiling light. There are various types of lights and each comes with its unique demands for installation. LED light installation typically costs about $125 depending on if you have the wiring and a complete kit with a transformer.

Light bars installed under cabinets cost $330 to $400 to install. This cost usually covers running cables to the lights, adding a low-voltage transformer and mounting fixtures.

Florescent lights are yet another type of lighting, and they often require 1-3 hours for installation. The installation cost is around $85 to $217.

Wall-mounted lights are slightly more expensive to install than fluorescent lights. They are specialized lighting, usually mounted on walls and not ceilings to target certain areas. The installation costs $90 and $250.

Chandelier lights are ceiling lights installed mostly by electricians with experience with these lights. Replacing an old chandelier with a new one costs between $100 and $200. While installing a chandelier in a ceiling spot that has never had a chandelier before can cost anywhere from $300 to $2,000.

Recessed lights are installed within the ceiling and the extra labor makes them more expensive than regular mounting lights installation. The prices can range from $180 to $230.

Pendant lights are mounted on the ceiling like pendants. They are special lights with low-voltage needs, yet still cost between $95 and $250 to be installed.

  1. Electrician’s hourly rates 

Every electrician is different and some may charge more or less per hour based on their preferences, experience, location, and so on. Hence, if your installation takes one hour, the pricing is different for an installation that takes three hours. The average hourly rates are between $90 and $230.

  1. Labor costs 

Labor costs are a factor also influenced by the electrician’s hourly rate and worksite. If the worksite already has wiring, this makes installation faster and easier. If not, it costs more to install a ceiling light without existing wiring. Labor costs are often from $70 to $200.

In situations where you live in an older home, it’s possible to have worn wiring. This might mean replacing your entire wiring to accommodate the installation.

Plugging in the lighting fixture to an existing outlet can be DIY material, and even then, you should have some knowledge of how lighting installations work. However, when there’s no existing wiring or high-voltage lines are involved. You should hire a professional electrician to help you out. The costs are always worth it in the long run.