Why Are My Lights Flickering?

light bulb in the darkHave your lights been flickering? Are you wondering about the cause of the frequent lights flickering in your home or space? You should never ignore a flickering light, as this is a warning that something is wrong

CLD Electric is experienced in meeting all electric-related issues and needs, and in this article, you will learn the most common causes of light flickering and feasible solutions to resolve this problem.

8 Causes of Flickering Lights

Some causes of flickering lights are harmless and can be easily fixed, while others are signs of a potential hazard.

  1. Bulb problem 

Your light can flicker if the bulb is not compatible with your dimmer. Ensure that you get a bulb that matches the holder and that it’s tight enough.

  1. Incompatible Light Plug

This is similar to the first issue because if the plug is not the right size and not tightly screwed to the bulb, it can cause flickering lights. So you can decide to change the light plug to stop the flickers.

  1. Faulty Switch or Dimmers

A faulty switch or dimmer which controls the light can cause the light to flicker when turned on. So you should change the switch if it’s faulty to stop the flickering light.

  1. Heavy Appliances

It is normal for your lights to flicker or blink when you put on heavy appliances. This is because they pull a lot of current when turned on, which can cause a drop in voltage and cause the light to flicker.

  1. Circuit Overload

When there is a sensory overload on a circuit, it can produce triggers that cause the light to flicker and damage appliances.

  1. Faulty or Outdated Wiring Connection

Is your house old? How old is the wiring connection? If your wiring connection is outdated, it can be faulty and result in flickering lights. This is a serious sign that needs prompt attention before it becomes dangerous.

  1. Issues with the Utility Service

If there are electric issues with the utility service, it may cause flickering lights.

  1. Meter box problem 

The lights may flicker if there is a problem with the meter box or main service connection.

4 Simple Solutions to Flickering Lights

  • Dimmers and Switch Change

If the issue is a faulty or incompatible switch or dimmer, then changing it will eliminate the light flickering.

  • Plug and bulb change 

When you notice a loose plug or bulb causes the flickering lights, then changing it is the solution.

  • Full or Partial Rewiring

If flickering lights are caused by an outdated and faulty wiring connection, the lasting solution is to rewire the house. It can be a full or partial rewiring as recommended by an electrician.

  • Meter or Cable Upgrade

You may need to upgrade your circuit breaker or meter box if you have added more appliances. The heavy appliances weigh down the voltage and cause the lights to flicker in protest and warning.

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