5 Steps To Expert Electrical Troubleshooting

Have you observed minor electrical problems in your home or office, but are unsure of the source or potential impact of the problems? You’re right to be concerned about little electrical issues that can lead to bigger issues. Electrical Troubleshooting is a major way to identify and resolve such electrical problems before they go out […]

Why Does Your Light Flicker when you turn on the AC?

Electricity has made our world better, from cell phones to microwaves, to refrigerators to ACs, everything is easier and more comfortable. But as significant as electricity is, it can develop into a disaster, just like fire, if care is not taken. An electrical malfunction should not be ignored, and you should handle it with care. […]

Why is My Utility Bill So High?

High electricity bills can be startling and may leave you genuinely confused. Trying to figure out why your bills are so high may be a hangup, so we’ve written this article to show you a few reasons why your utility bills may be high. Let’s get on to it! Possible Reasons for a High Utility […]

Why Are My Lights Flickering?

Have your lights been flickering? Are you wondering about the cause of the frequent lights flickering in your home or space? You should never ignore a flickering light, as this is a warning that something is wrong CLD Electric is experienced in meeting all electric-related issues and needs, and in this article, you will learn […]