Residential Home Rewire Electrician Oceanside CA

Oceanside is one of the main areas we service. We have a specialized team of electricians to assist residential customers in the Oceanside/Carlsbad area. We created this dedicated team of electrical contractors several years ago when we noticed that the demand in Oceanside/Carlsbad had grown enough for us to have a dedicated team here. It […]

Electrical Panel Oceanside CA

Does your home need a new electrical panel installed? Maybe your electrical panel is outdated and not working correctly. Whether your electrical panel needs upgrading or repair/fine-tuning, our skilled electricians here at CLD Electric can repair, improve, and replace your electrical panel. We send our electricians to yearly training courses to keep them up-to-date and […]

Local Electrician San Diego Oceanside

Whether you need new lighting installed or an outlet replaced to a panel upgrade or home rewired, CLD Electric is qualified, knowledgeable, and committed to providing the best in electrical services throughout San Diego, Oceanside California. Here at CLD Electric, we know that you have many options for different electrical contractors, and we appreciate you […]

Local Electrician San Diego Oceanside CA

Finding a local electrician in Oceanside or San Diego to do small lighting installations can be challenging. CLD Electric focuses on providing residential electrician services throughout the San Diego and Oceanside CA area.  Basic lighting installation, canned lighting, recessed lighting, fluorescent light bulb replacement on all lighting systems that CLD Electric offers surround San Diego. If you […]