Saving Money on Electricity with an Electric Vehicle

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money in pot of plant growingSaving money is on the top list of most people’s priorities, and the cost of transportation ranks high on most people’s expense list. Research shows that using an electric vehicle can help you cut back on expenses. In this article, we would be sharing tips on how you can save money on electricity with an electric vehicle.

5 Ways to Save Money on Electricity With An Electric Vehicle

  1. Charge during off-peak: The charging rate of an EV is half of the price of gasoline for the same distance. It is even lesser when you charge your EV during off-peak charging times. Furthermore, most mornings are off-peak charging periods in different states because most EV users commute to do their workplaces at this time, and their EVs are in use.

    You can take advantage of this dynamic to charge your EV at lower rates than during peak periods at charging stations. Cumulatively, this helps to reduce the cost of electricity. Also, take advantage of free charging available at some locations.

  2. Use solar for your home electricity:  You can generate clean power while also cutting back on expenses on electricity. Installing a solar photovoltaic system at home can help offset the amount of money required to power your EV.

    It’s advisable to install and charge your EV with electric power supply for at least a month to gauge the impact it has on your electricity usage before installing the right size of solar system that can conveniently power your EV and home needs. At CLD Electric we can help install both your EV charger and Solar System.

  3. Avoid the last 20% in and out: Charging your Electric Vehicles when it’s below 20% and above 80% takes up more energy. We advise you set your battery to charge to 80% and don’t let it run out below 20% before the next charge. This is great if you rarely do long distance trips. This saves you money and keeps your battery healthy!

  4. Keep your battery cool: EVs use lithium batteries, which don’t like to overheat. This affects the battery and cost of maintenance and hikes up your charging time. You can save money as much as you can by trying this. You must avoid charging in direct sunlight and charge under shade in your garage or carport.

  5. Use the recuperation mode: Recuperation or regenerative braking means you’re returning energy to the battery when you slow down or head downhill. This can help cut back on energy usage, especially, if your city has little or no traffic congestion. Also, cut back on speeding. Slowing down unbelievably reduces energy usage.

On a final note, the above suggestions are tested and trusted to help save money and energy as an EV driver. Beside being a great way of advocating for clean energy, it also helps you conserve energy and money.

At CLD Electric we offer electric services that cover Tesla Wall Connector installations, other EV charging installations, maintenance, and routine checks. Call us now to help you save money and energy with an electric vehicle.

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