How Long Does A Nissan Leaf Last?

charging nissan leaf at homeAs a new owner of an electric vehicle, do you wonder how long your electric vehicle will last before it runs out of power? You might also wonder how often you should charge your EV and have other questions relating to the battery life of your EV.

In this article, you would learn how long your Nissan Leaf can last, how to take care of it, the types of chargers available, and how often you can charge it.

How Long Can Your Nissan Leaf Last?

The Nissan Leaf battery is lighter and stronger than other hybrid cars. It has up to 107 horsepower and 187 lb-ft of torque courtesy of the 80 kW AC electric motor. The battery is positioned under the floor to create a lower center of gravity. Note that:

  • It can go up to 107 miles per day on a highway.
  • It can go up to 90 miles per day on an intense city drive.
  • The battery can last up to 8-10 years before a change.
  •  A full charge will take approximately 7 hours on a 208-240V home-charging station. In select markets,
  • 480V quick-charging systems are also available in a few locations and can provide an 80% charge in under 30 minutes.

3 Ways To  Charge Your Nissan Leaf?

There are three major ways to charge your Nissan Leaf. They include:

  • Level 1 Charger: This is the base level of charging. It takes up to 20 hours for a full charge. This is suitable for overnight charging. It is less expensive than the other types of charging.
  • Level 2 Charger: This takes around 8 hours for a full charge on your EV. It can be installed in your home or office by a specialist and is available in some public charging stations.
  • Level 3 Charger: This is the fastest and most expensive type of charging for your electric vehicles. It takes like 30 minutes for a full charge.

We have competent specialists at CLD electric to help in installation and routine maintenance.

3 Ways To Take Care of Your Nissan Leaf

As an electric vehicle, it is important to take care of it to avoid wear and tear.

  • Regular Maintenance Check: You need to have a routine maintenance check done on your electric vehicle for optimal performance.
  • Use a Certified Electrician: Not every Electrician out there is trained to repair or maintain an EV. Ensure you trust your vehicle with a licensed electrician by Nissan or by recommendations from fellow EV users. You can contact us at CLD Electric for your electrical needs.
  • Charge Regularly and Correctly: There are designated charging stations across the states and you can install an electric charger for your Nissan Leaf in the comfort of your home. Be sure to use these charging stations and charge your vehicles to avoid the battery running out during a ride.

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