Energy Savings Tips by San Diego Electrician

We are always looking for great deals. Anytime we can save a few dollars, it feels good. When it comes to your monthly budget in the home, you may look for ways to save a little here and there for one reason or another. Anytime you can save money, you should, otherwise it is a lot like burning it. Your electrician in San Diego has a few tips for you to put to use in your daily life to help save money on your electric bill every month. The team at CLD Electric is here to help.

1. One of the biggest energy hogs in our home is going to be your heating and cooling system. By adjusting the thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer and a few degrees lower in the winter, you can do a lot to save. Relying on a ceiling fan installed by a San Diego electrician will also help keep the room at the temperature you desire.
2. Don’t run small loads of laundry. Do your best to only wash full loads.
3. Shorten the length of your showers. Your hot water heater is another big energy user. By reducing how much water you use in the shower, you can conserve hot water, which means your hot water heater runs less often.
4. Use LED bulbs in your light fixtures whenever possible. They are brighter and are a fraction of the cost to use over the old incandescent bulbs.
5. Turn off the lights, unplug your laptop and cell chargers when not in use. These are little things that can add up says an electrician. San Diego homeowners can save anywhere from a few dollars every month to much more.

If you have any more questions about how to save electricity or would like to have a ceiling fan installed, give CLD Electric a call today.