Electrician San Diego – The Right Choice

Part of our customer care, in addition to the sort of high quality work we’ve come to be known for, is our focus on electrical safety. Your San Diego electrician should offer a free home electrical safety inspection and assessment with every job they do. After all, unless you’ve been the only property owner of your home or office building since it was built, you probably don’t know what other electricians before have done, and on top of that it may have been years since you’ve had any electrical work done. You’ll want your best interests to be served – and protected – when it comes to your electrical system and your electrical safety. If there’s any problem brewing, your electrician can let you know immediately.

Communication is important, and when you call your electrician, their phones should be answered by real live people, ready to assist you night and day. When you call during business hours, you should be able to speak to their on-site electrician if you need to discuss the details of an upcoming electrical project you might be considering or any repairs that need to be done. If you have any type of question or concern about your electrical system, your electrician in San Diego should have an in-house electrician to talk to you or offer free over the phone help.

If you’re in need of a reasonably priced, quality licensed electrician that you can trust, CLD Electric is the right choice. We’ve been serving the region for decades, and we’re a locally owned and operated electrical contracting company. We have roots in the area, so we know we’re going to see you on your other everyday stops. When we do, we’ll want to be able to look you in the eye, and we know we can because we strive to provide excellent customer care and the highest quality of work.

We’re the right choice for an electrical contractor in San Diego because we care about our clients. Our clients are our friends and neighbors, and it is always our goal to serve you well. In addition to the standard licensing and insuring we have, the electrical technicians that work for our company are well experienced professionals that are fully background checked. We look forward to being your first choice when it comes to electrical work in the area.