Cost to Install Recessed Lighting In Existing Ceiling

recessed lightingRecessed lighting has been a well-known feature in many new and renovated homes. This is because recessed lights can illuminate a room effectively, despite how small they are. They’re perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and homes with low ceilings that make light fixtures impossible to install.

What are Recessed Lights?

Recessed lights, also known as downlights, are lights that are installed in the ceiling. This is so they do not hang down. They’re great if you want to be trend-proof because they will hardly go out of style.

Types of Recessed Lights

  1. Can lights

These lights come in different sizes and styles. Some of these sizes are four to six-inch diameters, and the style depends on the installation area. Can lights are also found in shallow ceilings, outdoors, and on sloped surfaces.

  1. High hat fixtures

High hat fixtures come in IC (Insulation Contact) and non-IC (Non-Insulation contact) designs. This is to prevent electrical hazards. The Insulation contact models touch insulation directly without a fire hazard ensuing, while the non-IC will only work without insulation.

The Cost to Install Recessed Lighting In Existing Ceiling

If you do let an experienced electrician handle your recessed lighting installation, it should cost $150 – $200 per light. This is the cost to install recessed lighting in the existing ceiling when there are no complications involved in the process. If for any reason, complications like dimmers, new wiring, obstacles, or the nature of a specific area of installation arise, then the cost may rise.

How Much Recessed Lighting is Required Per Square Foot?

To get the best out of your recessed lighting installation, install six or more pot lights for every two hundred and fifty square feet. Install can lights for every five feet (although two feet is more effective). In your interior lighting plan, keep in mind that the housings should sit at least two feet from the wall perimeter.

Letting a Professional Handle Your Recessed Lighting Installation

For a lot of reasons, it is advisable to let an electrical technician handle your recessed lighting installation. In some cities, handling your electrical wiring is not allowed in the city code. Plus, this is unlike other kinds of lighting that involve just one fix. In this case, a lot of wiring will be required.

Keep in mind that your electrical wiring and entire electrical system should always align with the city’s local code. A violation will be legal and safety trouble, and you do not want that. This includes your recessed lighting installation.

Letting an electrical technician do the job ensures that all city code requirements are met, to avoid penalties and fines from inspectors. An experienced electrician will also ensure that nothing gets damaged while the installation process is on.

As mentioned before, this should cost about $150 per light. It may seem like much, but it is better to be safe than sorry. The right technician will give you peace of mind, knowing that the job will be done properly.