Choosing a Commercial Electrician for Your Business

commercial electrical

When you own a business or commercial property, there is a great deal of responsibility riding on your shoulders. The property needs to be maintained to a certain standard in order to keep the business up and running and to keep tenants and customers happy and satisfied. When you have electrical problems with the property, you need an experienced commercial electrician who has the training and knowledge to work on larger electrical systems. A standard residential electrician will not do. When you need help taking care of an electrical problem in your property, you can count on CLD Electric to handle your commercial needs.

The following tips will help you find the right electrician.

  1. Ensure the company and/or electrician is certified, insured and bonded. It is a fairly easy call to make to verify the license number.
  2. You will want to choose a commercial electrical contractor who is professional as well as timely. You can often verify this by asking others who have used the company, checking the BBB and reading online reviews.
  3. Ask specific questions to ensure the electrician is familiar with the commercial electric demands and systems. They are not the same as working on a standard residential property. The wiring is thicker and there is more of it. The electrician will need to understand how to handle high-voltage wiring.
  4. Only work with contractors who can give you a fairly accurate quote. While there may be unforeseen circumstances, those can be addressed if and when they occur. The goal is to work with a contractor that can provide you with a detailed quote that allows you to budget appropriately.
  5. Often times, your commercial property will employ a variety of professional contractors. Choose an electrician that can work alongside your other contractors in a coordinated manner.

If you need an electrician familiar with commercial properties, give CLD Electric a call today.