New Office Space Requires Commercial Electrician

commercial electrical office

If you are opening a new business office in a space that hasn’t previously been used for an office, you are going to need some help from local contractors to transform it into a functional area. Whether you are going to go with individual offices, complete with doors or choose to go with a more open floor plan and use cubicles, you will need plenty of lighting and electricity. Today’s modern office equipment requires several outlets in each work area. In order to get exactly what you need, you will need to hire a commercial electrical contractor. The team at CLD Electric has the experience you want when you are looking for a professional team to transform your new property.

One of the factors that will need to be considered is what kind of equipment will be used in the offices. Computers are electricity hogs, as are fax machines and commercial printers. Your electrician will need to check the electric panel to see what kind of electricity is available for the building. Because a commercial electric panel looks a lot different than a residential panel, it is important you hire a commercial electrician for the job.

Once the panel has been checked out, it is time to install the necessary outlets to run each office space. You can choose to have outlets placed in the floor if you are going with a cubicle style or a center pole with outlets for each cubicle to connect to. Data lines will also need to be installed. Lighting is your next consideration. Will you go with the standard fluorescent ceiling lights or maybe choose something a little more energy efficient like LEDs? Talk with your professional electrician and find out what your options are. When you are ready to work with an amazing team, give CLD Electric a call to schedule your new office space renovation.