When To Replace Your Electric Panel? [Infographic]

When you rent a residence, your landlord usually takes care of the maintenance on your home. But when you own your home all the responsibility relies on you. While homeownership can be very rewarding, it can also take a lot of resources out of you.

Your electrical panel is probably the biggest element of the electrical system in your home. It must be working properly to keep your home running on all cylinders. If you need to buy a new panel or upgrade your old panel, it is important to be informed about your decision.

All the wires in your home are connected to your electrical panel, which is also know as the main breaker box. It takes all the outside wires and connects them with the wires inside your home. This is were you receive power from your electrical service provider. This is also where you would come if the power went out in your house to try to get it back on.

A lot of the time you aren’t thinking about your electrical panel – it may be in the back of your mind but it’s something you don’t really have to worry about. Unfortunately by the time the power goes out it might be too late to think of the panel.

Think about the last time you looked at your electrical panel. Last year? When you first moved in? Never? Now might be a good time to go check it out. If you haven’t maintained your electrical panel in a while, it may be time to do so – it might also be a good time to upgrade. But how do you know when to do that?

Here are a couple ways you know that your panel needs an upgrade.

Fire Hazards

Overloading a panel may risk a fire in your home. This is due to the fact that older panels weren’t meant to hold the load of today’s electrical usage. If your home is older that 20 years old and you haven’t upgraded your panel, it may be time for a consultation.

Increase Electricity

The holidays have just come and gone. With them may have brought new appliances, such as a washer, dryer, refrigerator, television, etc. When you add large appliances to your home, you increase the load on your panel. Make sure you have enough room in your panel when you consider large ticket items in your home.

Property Value

Upgrading or adding a new panel to your home is considered a major upgrade. This will bring added value to your home.

Termination of Panel

Average panels last 25 to 40 years. The actual length depends on use and type of the panel. Call an electrician, like those at CLD Electric, to check to see if your panel is in need of an upgrade.

Dangerous Situation

As with all appliances, the older they get the more dangerous they become. With panels, the older ones have outdated technology and can cause a lot of problems. Certain types of electrical panels have to be upgraded, such as Zinsco, because they have become obsolete.

electrical panel upgrade

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The electricians at CLD Electric are ready to provide you with expert help regarding your electrical panels. If you think you need an upgrade or just need advice, give us a call today.