Why is My Utility Bill So High?

stack of electric billsHigh electricity bills can be startling and may leave you genuinely confused. Trying to figure out why your bills are so high may be a hangup, so we’ve written this article to show you a few reasons why your utility bills may be high.

Let’s get on to it!

Possible Reasons for a High Utility Bill

There are a ton of reasons why your utility bill may be high. These are some of them:

Do you Have a Spare Fridge?

Having a spare freezer or fridge increases your bill by about $125 in a year. If this spare fridge is somewhere in your garage or basement, consider if you really need it. If not, you might want to sell it off or get rid of it.

If you do need it, then consider stocking it up, because this will help reduce the bill. A stocked fridge maintains its temperature with ease, and the compressor and motor run less too.

Do You Leave Appliances Plugged In When They’re Idle?

When you leave appliances plugged, even when they’re not in use, you run the risk of shooting up your electricity bill. Sure, in the past, you could simply turn them off and not have to worry about your bill.

Unfortunately, modern appliances will sometimes still draw electricity even when they are not on, as long as they are plugged in. It could be because modern technology is not built to power down. You’ll notice it takes longer to turn back on if they’re completely disconnected, so they are built to simply go on standby mode so that you can turn them on faster.

Are Some of Your Appliances Old?

This is a major reason why your utility bill is high. Old appliances use more energy because they are unable to be as energy-efficient as new appliances – they were simply not built for it. So those retro appliances may be great for aesthetics, but they will drive your utility bills through the roof with how much energy they require.

To solve this, you should consider upgrading your appliances with models that are more energy-efficient. Did you know that a newer refrigerator model that is more energy-efficient will use four times less electricity compared to an older refrigerator model?

Plus, when your refrigerator has been in use for too long, the door seals wear out, causing cool air to escape, and leading to overwork of the fridge to maintain the temperature.

Is the Temperature of Your Water Heater High?

The recommended temperature for your water heater is 120 degrees, hot enough for the household. However, the water heater may be set at 140 degrees, requiring extra energy than what is suitable enough. Turning it down 20 degrees less will save electricity. Plus, if your heater is in your garage or basement, it will have to work overtime to maintain the hotness of the water because of the coolness of the air temps surrounding it. You could insulate using the water heater blanket.

Installing a power strip may help curb electricity use with modern appliances so that you can turn off your appliances for real. For this, you can contact CLD Electric to handle it.