Pros & Cons: Whole House Surge Protectors

Most times all you need is a whole house surge protector to prevent your appliances and gadgets from damage and frequent repairs. In this article, we would be sharing worthy insights on the types of surge protectors, the pros and cons of whole house surge protectors and our thoughts. Let’s dig in right away! What […]

Are Whole House Surge Protectors Worth It?

Electricity is such an important part of our household that it is remiss to think of the things we could do without it. From powering up appliances to lighting, its uses are limitless. However, certain things can affect the flow of electricity and that could lead to some dangerous situations. Excess or a lack of […]

Everything You Need To Know About Electric Surge Costs In 2022

We all know how important electricity is. We use it at home and in our offices to power appliances, light up our houses, and so on. As good as it feels to have electricity, there is a problem when we have too much. Too much electrical voltage flowing into your home may be more damaging […]