Pros & Cons: Whole House Surge Protectors

surge protection being installed

surge protection being installedMost times all you need is a whole house surge protector to prevent your appliances and gadgets from damage and frequent repairs. In this article, we would be sharing worthy insights on the types of surge protectors, the pros and cons of whole house surge protectors and our thoughts.

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What is Surge Protector?

A surge protector is a device or an appliance that is usually used to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes which can be referred to as a spike suppressor, surge suppressor, or surge protection device (SPD). A surge happens when there is an increase in power (either voltage or current) beyond what your electrical system is capable of containing. This happens frequently and it is pertinent to protect your electrical appliances from surges.

3 Main types of Surge Protectors

  1. Service Entrance Surge Protectors

This is the largest and most durable of the types of Surge Protectors. It is usually installed before the main breaker of the house is installed. It protects the home from any type of destructive surges of any capacity. It is usually expensive to install so it requires you to contact electrical contractors for help.

  1. Receptacle Surge Protector

This is the most common type of surge protector. It is inexpensive and easy to install. The common fact of this type of surge protector is a power stripe. It is functional but limited in use hence it doesn’t provide complete protection from destructive surges, especially for high-consuming performance.

  1. Whole Home Surge Protectors

This is just like the service entrance surge protector but smaller in size. It can prevent surges of any type. It usually goes into the main breaker and can be user installed. However, we usually advise that a professional electrician near you gets to do the installation to prevent the wrong installation.

The Pros of whole house surge protectors

  1. Protects Your High Tech Gadgets

In this digital age where we have more gadgets and appliances. Most appliances have sensitive circuit boards and are vulnerable to surges so the whole-house surge protector is the best bet to protect your expensive and high-tech gadgets.

  1. Suitable for most home needs

It is usually the perfect surge protector for most homes. They are available in various forms and suitable for most US homes. Most homes usually see surges higher than 10 KA. It is also advisable you get a higher-rated whole-house surge protector if your area experiences more electrical storms.

  1. Protects from transient surges

This often occurs within the house. The surges may come from high-powered appliances that usually come on and off. The spikes don’t cause damage until it accumulates and results in an impact that can damage the appliances. However, the whole house surge protector will protect your electrical appliances from transient surges.

The Cons of Whole House Surge Protectors

It is pricey.

The whole house surge protector is usually expensive and one may be tempted to buy the power strip surge protector. However, we believe it is a worthy investment taking cognizance of the cumulative price of the gadgets and appliances it helps protect from damage.

Our thoughts 

As a professional and effective electrical company, we believe that the pros of the whole house surge protectors outweigh their cons and it is a worthy investment. We also advise that you consult a professional electrician near you to inspect and suggest the type and model of whole house surge protector that is suitable for your home.

We help suggest and install surge protectors of any kind. Reach out to us today.

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