Outlet Switches

What Is A GFCI Outlet?

Electricity, when handled poorly, can become pretty dangerous fast. That’s why we must do all that we can to protect ourselves from any electrical mishaps. Scheduling an inspection, changing bad appliances, checking your circuit breakers, being on the lookout for odd smells or sounds, and checking on flickering lights all help to ensure you stay […]

Should I be Worried About Outlets That Don’t Work?

Not many people know what’s behind an outlet, so it’s normal to experience puzzling confusion when an outlet stops working. A broken outlet is a common problem in many homes and can happen to anyone, it should not be a cause for alarm. The good news is that the problems can sometimes be diagnosed and […]

Outlet Install Relocate Mira Mesa San Diego

We install outlets throughout Mira Mesa San Diego inside of homes and businesses. Outlet installations are standard services that we get requested to provide. We can relocate, repair, replace, and install outlets throughout residential and commercial buildings. Our skilled electricians possess years of experience providing all aspects of the residential electrical services, including dimmer switches […]

Outlet Install Relocate San Diego CA

Outlet installation or relocation are standard services that we offer here at CLD Electric. Customers throughout San Diego need new outlets installed in their homes, and they also need outlets relocated. Providing both of these electrical services is simple, straightforward, and easy for CLD Electric. Our trained electricians have over 50 years of experience providing […]