San Diego Panel Upgrades

panel upgradeThere is no shortage of old homes in San Diego and this contributes to why San Diego panel upgrades are so necessary.

The electrical panel is the grey metal box situated in a dry, safe, and sort of a remote area of the home. These spots include your garage, basement, outside, or in the utility room. This grey metal box is responsible for distributing power from the service drop line into your home. The box contains a lot of circuit breakers tasked with distributing small amounts of electricity to switches and outlets around the home.

A working and functional panel gives you safe and efficient power supply, while a faulty or old panel is a nightmare.

Signs you need a San Diego panel upgrade

Most of the signs are obvious enough when things go really bad, others are identified by an electrician. It’s much better to get ahead of the problem because the signs could pose a dangerous threat to your electrical safety.

  • Flickering lights
  • Tripping breakers
  • Crackling sounds from the panel
  • Smoke from the panel
  • Rust on the panel
  • Melted wires in the box
  • You live in an old home.
  • And more.

Old homes are particularly subject to panel upgrades because electrical systems don’t last forever. While your electrical wiring may stay functional and safe for a long time, frequent inspections are necessary. An upgrade on the panel might occur every two decades depending on use and the state of the panel when inspected.

The best way to know if you need a San Diego panel upgrade is to call an electrician for confirmation, especially if you have observed any of these signs.

Benefits of a panel upgrade in San Diego

  • Save up on power with your efficient electrical panel
  • Get a safe and dependable electrical system
  • Get more room to expand your home appliances.

How to get San Diego panel upgrades?

DIY is not a safe option when it comes to a project like a panel upgrade. A professional electrician will assess the situation and inform you of what is needed. The electrician will also pull the necessary permits for the task.

Finding the best electrician to perform a flawless job with an affordable cost can be difficult in San Diego, but possible.

CLD Electric offers a way out of such a confusing process with our guaranteed panel upgrades for homes in San Diego. We are experts in what we do and your safety is our priority. Contact a CLD Electric professional today.