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Why Are My Lights Flickering?

Have your lights been flickering? Are you wondering about the cause of the frequent lights flickering in your home or space? You should never ignore a flickering light, as this is a warning that something is wrong CLD Electric is experienced in meeting all electric-related issues and needs, and in this article, you will learn […]

What Happens If A Tesla Runs Out Of Charge?

One of the fears of most Electric Vehicle drivers, especially new owners, is their Tesla running out of charge. Range Anxiety is real and it can be frightening during the first few months of purchase. It’s easier to get gas for gasoline vehicles than electric vehicles. However, you don’t need to fret about getting stuck […]

How Long Does A Nissan Leaf Last?

As a new owner of an electric vehicle, do you wonder how long your electric vehicle will last before it runs out of power? You might also wonder how often you should charge your EV and have other questions relating to the battery life of your EV. In this article, you would learn how long […]

Why Is My Dimmer Switch Hot?

Are you worried about hotness of your dimmer switch? Keep reading to find out what a dimmer means, the types of dimmer switch available, the dimmer, why your dimmer switch is hot, and precautions to consider. What Is A Dimmer Switch? A dimmer is a device that is connected to a light fixture to reduce […]