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san diego home safety inspectionMost families don’t realize that one of the biggest fire dangers can be found right inside the walls of their homes. It’s a shame that many homes are consumed by needless electrical fires. One of the key factors in avoiding home fires is to make sure you have a properly functioning electrical system.

At CLD Electric, we want to make sure our customers feel safe in their homes. This is why, as part of our commitment to safety and the satisfaction of our customers, we are proud to offer a free home safety inspection during every service call. Our electricians will inspect your electrical system to see if any of the main causes of electrical fires are present as well as check for any potential risks.

Things that our electrician will look our for are:

Outdated wiring — Before the 1950s, many homes were built with cloth-insulated wires. As the homes age, the insulation falls away and exposes the wire which may cause an electrical fire. In older homes, we make sure to look for any of these signs and alert you of our findings.

Aluminum wiring — In the 60s and 70s, low quality aluminum wiring seemed to be the trend. This type of wiring is highly prone to arc faults and may cause a fire that could consume your home quickly.

Frequently tripping breakers — A tripped breaker every once in a while means that your electrical system’s safety features are working properly. However, frequently tripped circuit breakers could mean that your home is overloaded on power and you may need and panel upgrade.

Overloaded outlets — The use of many extension cords could mean that you need an electrical upgrade. Extension cords are made for short term use so if you find yourself needing more and more, this may be a sign you need more power.

Don’t worry about the time needed for a home safety inspection. Our electricians can usually perform this shortly after the service call is completed within a reasonable amount of time. A little time now could save a lot of time and money later on.

Our certified electricians at CLD Electric in San Diego are proud to provide electrical home safety inspections on a regular basis. If you think your home is overdue for a full electrical inspection, do not hestite and give us a call today. This could be one of the greatest investments you make for your home, life, and family.

home safety inspection

electrical home safety inspection

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