How Much Does it Cost to Install an Outdoor Light Fixture?

outdoor lightingOutdoor light fixtures are great for decorative purposes. However, they are equally useful for security and safety purposes during the dark periods of the night. Since security is an important part of our existence, every landscape design plan and landscaping should include light fixtures as an essential item.

What Parts Should Be Lit Outdoors?

In planning your outdoor lighting, there are strategic places you can consider installing a light fixture. These ideal outdoor spots include:

  1. Steps and pathways
  2. Pools and other kinds of water features
  3. Gazebos, decks, and patios
  4. Entranceway
  5. Balcony
  6. Trees, shrubs, and your garden if you have any.

Why You Should Install Outdoor Light Fixtures

  1. Outdoor lighting, when chosen well and installed properly, beautifies your yard and highlights the most aesthetically pleasing parts.
  2. It ensures security by preventing potential intruders.
  3. It allows for the usability of amenities like the outdoor kitchen and pool at night.
  4. It can provide safety for you in case of an emergency. For example, allowing first response personnel to find your house faster.
  5. It allows free movement at night without tripping and falling.
  6. When you decide to sell your house, the outdoor lighting makes it twice more appealing. Which may mean more money.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

  1. Hanging lights for aesthetics
  2. Pool lights for the pools
  3. Bunker lights for walls
  4. Motion sensor lights
  5. Bollards
  6. Lighting poles for lighting up large areas
  7. Step lights
  8. Wall lights to illuminate a specific area
  9. In-ground lights
  10. Spike lights, for lighting up a dark path

Who Should Install Your Outdoor Lighting?

Just like every other electrical work, a qualified electrician should handle your outdoor lighting. If not handled by an electrician, and illegal or unprofessional work is done, this could lead to serious insurance and safety problems.

Cost Breakdown

When a licensed electrician carries out the work, the cost to install outdoor light fixture will include:

Labor: This covers the outdoor light fixture and work put in. This might also include an upgrade to your electrical system if the need arises.

Supplies: You will need fasteners, a conduit, junction boxes, and connectors. To simplify your light installation, go for LED or CFL fixtures with low voltage requirements. They’re more expensive but consume less power which is energy efficient.

Altogether, on average, you will spend about $90-$100 per outdoor light. To curb light pollution, opt for lights with the IDA seal (International Dark Sky) or FSA (Fixture Seal of Approval). You can also include other environmentally friendly features, like automatic daylight shut-off.

When you do hire an electrician to do the job for you, ensure that there is a compliance certificate and/or that the electrical technician is insured. This exempts you from whatever defects that may be found in their workmanship, injuries sustained on the job, and guarantees that the work is in line with the relevant standards