Ceiling Fan Installation

ceiling fan installationHaving ceiling fan installation performed in your home can be a thrifty way to save on your energy bills without being left in the heat.

The installation of ceiling fan takes a few hours to complete but the payoff can be immediate. Not only can the fan help cool you off in the summer but it can also help warm rooms in the winter. This will help you reduce your energy usage during the entire year.

How do ceiling fans work?

Most modern ceiling fans have a switch on the side that allows you to change the direction the blades are spinning.

During the summer you want the blades to spin counter-clockwise. This allows the fan to push the air downward, causing a cooling effect or a breeze.

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans don’t actually cool down a room. They just make the people in the room feel cooler. Which means, when you aren’t in a room, turn the fan off! This will help you save more energy in the long run.

When winter comes, flip that switch on the side of the fan and let it run clockwise. Instead of pushing down the air in the room to cool everyone off, it will push the cool air higher giving everyone in the room more access to the warm air.

Keep in mind that getting a ceiling fan, like all other appliances, requires careful consideration and preparation. It’s not as simple as it seems. There are certain factors to consider before getting one. Fret not, we’ve put together a list that’ll guide you in the determining process.

Choose the location: The type of ceiling fan you’d like to get may differ based on the place or places you’d like to put them in your home. Deciding on this beforehand will help fasten the decision process and give a lot more insights on what fan to get. The wider the room, the bigger the fan. Ceiling fan blades range from about 24 to 80 inches.

Choose the method of control: With ceiling fans, you get to decide how you’d like to control them as well. Turning them on or off does have to be as boring as flipping a switch. There are other cool ways that you could check out as well. Ensure you get the one best suited to your tastes and that fits your home. Bear in mind that not all the options are available for every single ceiling fan so choose wisely.

Choose the type of ceiling fan: This is the fun part. Picking out the right ceiling fan is like picking out the right light fixtures for your home. The options are endless and that can seem a bit overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. Knowing the size of the place, the size of the fan, and how you’d like to control the fan will do good in narrowing down your options. All you have to do now is pick out the fan that looks the best to you. Your ceiling fan should match the ambiance of your home all while being functional.

Oftentimes, we tend to overlook the responsibilities that feel the hardest or would require a lot more time and effort on our part. Thinking about the many complications makes us retreat further from doing what we know could hold immense benefits for us. Repairing your ceiling fan doesn’t have to feel like a cumbersome duty.

With our trained professional electricians, you won’t have to worry about anything. We treat your appliances the same way we treat our customers, with care and respect. You can trust our speedy response and dedicated professionals. Replacing or installing a ceiling fan isn’t a job you should do as it deals with electricity.

When done without proper care could lead to hazards and damage to your property. Call us for safe, efficient, and reliable installation, replacement and repair services.

At CLD Electric, we’re always looking for ways to save San Diego residents money. Installing a ceiling fan in your home is just one way we can help. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our ceiling fan services, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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