Quick Ways to Raise Your Home’s Value — Ask Your San Diego Electrician

There are many things to consider when selling your home. You start by going through the traditional motions. You do a little research, find a Realtor and talk with them about sale strategies and pricing. You may decide to have a home stager come to your home to help decorate and stage your home for its optimal appearance. While a home stager’s focus is typically on furniture, decor and cleanliness, there are also many things that you can have your San Diego electrician help with that can raise the value of your home.

Update Your Interior Lighting

One of the easiest ways to give your home a more current, up-to-date look is to replace the light fixtures. Similar to the fashion industry, trends I lighting and other fixtures tend to change rapidly. Luckily for you, this is a very quick and painless fix. Start by visiting your local hardware store and browsing through their interior lighting selection. Although it may be tempting to choose quirky, unique fixtures that match your style, keep in mind that you are looking to sell your home. The best strategy to follow in this situation is to choose light fixtures that look great, but are largely neutral in appearance. A good light fixture should be elegant and unobtrusive. After you have selected your fixtures, call CLD Electric, an experienced electrician in San Diego CA, to assist you with the installation process.

Have Ceiling Fans Installed

Depending on where you live, ceiling fans may or may not be standard in new homes. This is a fairly new phenomenon, however. In the past, ceiling fans were much less common than they are today. Because of their ability to help circulate air while reducing heating and cooling bills, their popularity has risen greatly. If you do not already have them, consider replacing the light fixtures in bedrooms, living areas and more with great looking ceiling fans with light kits. Fans not only look great, but are also a selling point.

Consider Landscape Lighting

While most potential buyers will visit your home during the day, there is still much to be said for professional landscape lighting. Talk with a licensed electrician San Diego CA can provide, such as CLD Electric to determine which type of lighting works best for you. There is always a chance that a buyer will drive by in the evening. Properly installed landscape lights can help to accentuate attractive portions of your home and landscaping, giving them an almost magical look.

Think About Whole House Surge Protectors

Most homeowners have very little to no knowledge about whole house surge protectors. There is a certain wow factor, however, when they find out that the new home they are considering has one installed. A whole house surge protector provides an additional barrier against power surges and spikes for all of the valuable electronics in the home. This is another great selling and talking point for your realtor whenever they are showing the home. It is also a fairly simple installation for any San Diego Electrician.

In addition to the aesthetic options below, it can also be important to have an electrical safety assessment performed before putting your home on the market. This is something that is typically done at some point during the sale of the home, whether by the buyer’s inspector or your own. Although there may be no apparent electrical problems in your home, serious electrical safety issues can throw a wrench into an otherwise smooth sale process. To be safe, consult with a local and licensed electrician in San Diego CA, CLD Electric, before selling your home to make sure that all of your electrical components are safe and operational.