Installing an EV Charger in your Murrieta Home

74 cld electric san diego electrician EV Charging Install 1 (1)The entire idea behind electric vehicles is not just to protect the environment but also to give you convenience with your vehicle.

When you finally make the decision to own an EV, it’s important to consider installing an EV charger in your home.

Yes, public charging stations exist but relying on them to charge our vehicle takes away the convenience of owning an EV. It’s just like swapping short stops at the gas station for lengthy sessions at the public charging station.

In this article, we discuss all you need to know about installing an EV charger in your Murrieta home.

What is an EV charger?

An EV charger is a specialized charger that converts electrical current to charge your vehicle’s battery. The higher the voltage an EV charger can convert, the faster it charges. (Note that EV charger can also be referred to as an electric charging station).

So, for example, a charger using 120 volts is slower than another using 240 volts. It’s also why public electric charging stations charge much faster than home charging stations.

Types of EV Chargers For Home Charging Stations

Level 1 – The level 1 charging station is the simplest EV charger. The charging cable that comes with the purchase or lease of an EV is essentially a Level 1 charger. They use the basic home electrical current of 120 volts.

You can consider installing a level 1 charger in your Murrieta home if –

  • You want a cheap option for EV charging
  • You don’t mind the slow battery recharge times
  • You use a plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV)

Level 2 – The level 2 charging station uses 240-volt circuits, which are circuits ideal for power-demanding appliances in the home. You would need to run a 240-volt circuit to your garage or where the charging station will be installed.

You can consider installing a level 2 charger in your Murrieta home if –

  • You prefer a faster home charging option
  • You don’t mind hiring an electrician for the installation.

Steps to install an EV charger in your Murrieta home

  1. Confirm with your municipality that your home is eligible for a charger installation
  2. Check with your electrician that your electric panel can accommodate the installation
  3. Choose and purchase an EV charger
  4. Hire an electrician for the installation
  5. The electrician will get the permit for the project
  6. Install the EV charging station
  7. The installation will be inspected by your municipality

The cost of installing an EV charger in your Murrieta home

There are a lot of factors that make up the costs of installing an EV charger. They include the cost of the charger, installation fee, permit, and so on.

On average, a level 2 charger installation cost can range between $200 and $1,200. To reduce costs, you can take advantage of any incentives for EV installation by the government.

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