Security Lighting Installation and Repair

hooded figure standing under lightingLocking doors, shutting windows, and securing other parts of your house are basic ways to ensure your security and safety. However, you can go a step further with security lighting installation.

Security lighting is important for your home and can deter intruders or burglars from breaking in, making sure you go through the night safely. The lighting usually comprises floodlighting, motion sensors, LED, and spot security lighting. Each of these kinds of security lights is efficient for your home security.

Why Use Security Lights?

If you lock your doors and secure your windows, why would you need lights? Here are a few reasons why having security lights may be important:

  • It creates a beautiful ambiance, magnifying your home’s beauty.
  • It deters intruders or burglars from attempting to break into your home.
  • It makes it difficult for a criminal to execute a break-in plan for your home. This is called “target hardening”.
  • Lights up the surroundings to prevent accidents like slipping and falling in dark or poor lighting, and makes it easy to perform outdoor tasks after dark.

Security Lighting Installation

When it comes to security lighting installation, there are two common approaches to lighting your outdoor space: active and passive lighting.

Active lighting describes motion-activated lights; they come on suddenly when there is a movement in the vicinity where the lighting is installed. It may also include closed-circuit TVs and security cameras.

Passive lighting describes static fixtures; they do not move, and usually, just stay on or off during different times of the day. They are usually connected to timers that help regulate the off and on periods at sundown and sunup. It may also include trespassing signs, fences, or other barriers/signs.

Most homeowners will usually employ a combination of passive and active lighting for effective security. You could do the same.

We strongly advise against carrying out the installations yourself. Hire a licensed electrician to handle this for you, and ensure that your lighting complies with local regulations for height, wattage, etc.

The cost of security lights installation might be a lot because of the cost of hiring an electrical contractor combined with the cost of the electrical fixtures and power provision.

Security Lighting Repair

If you cannot carry out security lighting installation, then you surely cannot carry out security lighting repair.

Security lighting installation and repair should only be handled by a licensed electrician. It is safer, even though it is less cost-effective.

If your security lights have one of these problems, it may be time to talk to an electrical contractor:

  • Flickering lights
  • Lights not coming on at all
  • Motion sensors are extremely sensitive
  • The lights refuse to go off

These may be from simple causes sometimes, like bulbs not securely fitted in the fixture, bad bulb, sensor direction, etc. These can easily be fixed with simple effort. However, when you cannot identify the problem, let a licensed electrician handle it. At CLD Electric, we have been installing and repairing security lightings for businesses and homes for years, so we are the right ones to call if you need security lighting installation and repair services.

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