Path lighting

Path lighting is one form of light that serves to appreciate the work of nature. They can be used to illuminate an area of potted plants or gardens, allowing us to see the beauty of plants, flowers, or trees. It shows, also, the beauty of the landscape.

One important use of path lighting is to illuminate walkways so that people can see very well. Path lighting will reduce the chance of accidents occurring as usually results from inadequate lighting at night. When adults are in the home, this will be of significant advantage to them.

Also, with this form of lighting, you can preserve your plants from people accidentally stepping on them by mistake. With the light in place, there will be fewer chances of trampling.

Also, with path lighting, the driveway becomes safer since the drivers have a better awareness of where they should drive.

When installing path lights, they should be between ten to thirty feet apart. This spacing will ensure there’s adequate illumination.

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  • Hardscape lights

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