Bollard Lights

Bollard lights have become ever more popular over the last ten years. The popularity is because of the perceived need for an added layer of security. Bollard lights are mounted on a short post and are usually circular or square-shaped.

Bollard lights are fast becoming essential, illuminating walkways around the home. With Bollard lights, there will be fewer incidents of people tripping and falling as darker areas become illuminated.

Bollard lights could also add a level of beauty to your home. They come in different shapes and designs and could accent the already present décor in place.

At CLD Electric, we are specialists in all forms of Bollard lights installation as well as other types of lighting installations. Our services are second to none, the attention to detail we provide singles us out from the crowd and has made us the best San Diego Electrician.

When you choose CLD Electric for your lighting installation needs, you can be sure to get your installation project treated with utmost care. At CLD Electric, we work with professionalism and will carry out the job in a manner that’s both conducive to you, and that’s efficient.

Our team here at CLD Electric is always concerned with delivering the best possible service to our customers. This is why we are always looking to improve ourselves by keeping techniques with new and improved methods of service delivery in the industry.

When you work with us, the services you can benefit from include: 

  • Tracking lighting
  • Under-cabinet fixtures
  • Ceiling lighting
  • Path lighting
  • Postmount lights
  • Spotlight
  • Flood lights
  • Well lights
  • Pond lights
  • Hardscape lights

As we are concerned with the satisfaction of our customers, we work round the clock to ensure that we are always available whenever our services are required. Call or email us today.

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