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CLD Electric - El Cajon electricianFinding an electrician near you may seem like a difficult task but CLD Electric is here to save the day. Check out our 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google to help convince you! Our fleet of stocked vans are ready to service your El Cajon home. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today!

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El Cajon Electrical Estimates

One of the most important and helpful things when it comes to having electrical work done is having a fast electrical estimate. With an upfront estimate, you can have an idea about how much the job is going to cost. Our team will work with you so you know exactly what you are getting into when you have new electrical work done.

Electrical Services in El Cajon

Home Safety Inspection

Whole House Surge Protector

TV, Telephone, Data Cable

Lighting Installation

Remodels and Renovations

and much more!

Ceiling Fan Installation by El Cajon Electrician

When you install a ceiling fan in your home, you are taking active steps in providing a cooler room while saving energy and money. Instead of using an air conditioner non-stop during the year, using a ceiling fan can help cut down the energy used in your home. The ceiling fan creates a cooling affect in a room by pushing the air around and creating a breeze.

During the winter months, you can keep your home warmer by switching the setting on the fan. This will pull the warm air down and warm up the room.

One of our professional electricians can complete the ceiling fan installation for you so you can kick back and fight those energy bills!

Professional EV Charger Installation

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. In order to keep your car charged up, a professional electrician can install an EV charger in your home. Having a charger at home means you don’t have to worry about driving around to find a place to charge. Call us today for more information!

Your El Cajon Handy Guide

We have compiled a list of handy links and things to do in El Cajon, from shopping to gathering electrical supplies. Take a look at the list and let us know what you think. We are open to suggestions!

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