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What Does An Industrial Electrician Do?

The electrical industry is quite broad, and despite what most people think, there are different types of electricians. Electricians can be distinguished based on their job description. What they do and how they do it sets them apart. Hence, there are electricians described as industrial electricians. Industrial electricians work primarily with industries. They provide a […]

How Can Stray Voltage Affect Multimeter Measurements

It’s safe to say stray voltage can be found if you look. It is a common phenomenon in the presence of electrical components. Stray voltage is also referred to as ghost voltage and it is a voltage that is detected in an electrical conductor like a wire or even outlet when this conductor is disconnected […]

What is Industrial Electrical Work?

When you hear the word ‘Electrician’ it’s normal to think one electrician can do it all. But when you are a business owner or industry manager, you quickly learn there are types of electricians, each unique in their roles. An industrial electrician is often confused with a commercial electrician but they are more different than […]

San Diego Panel Upgrade

You may have heard the term panel upgrade but might not be sure of what it is. If you don’t know what one is, who will you know when to get a panel upgrade in your home? Worry no more, we’re here to help you determine if you need a new panel for your home. […]

When To Replace Your Electric Panel? [Infographic]

When you rent a residence, your landlord usually takes care of the maintenance on your home. But when you own your home all the responsibility relies on you. While homeownership can be very rewarding, it can also take a lot of resources out of you. Your electrical panel is probably the biggest element of the […]